• Interview: Tamazon Interviews Eric Messinger

    What inspired you to make your art available as a coloring book? When I was younger, I started my career in the comic book industry. Because of this training, I always start my pieces as line work. I thought it would be fun to share this part of my process...

  • Interview: Tamazon Interviews Christina Collie

    Hi Christina! It's awesome to have you over on Night Owl Reviews to showcase your fabulous art. As a colorist and romance reader your adult coloring book really spins my wheels. What inspired you to put out a coloring book with the focus of romance novels?...

  • Interview: Tamazon Interviews Marjorie Sarnat

    Hi Marjorie. Its just great getting to chat with you. Thanks for agreeing to an interview. To get us started off, at what age did you know you would be an artist? From the moment my toddler hands first grasped a crayon I was in love with drawing. How...

  • Interview: Night Owl Romance Interviews Wendy Piersall

    Today I get the pleasure of introducing you all to Wendy Piersall. Wendy is an artist that makes some of the prettiest and fun drawings that you get to add to. Currently she's been creating coloring books for adults. I for one am a huge fan of her work...

  • Interview: Tamazon Interviews Sarah J. Maas

    Current Release: Throne of Glass Describe your current release in two sentences? An infamous young assassin must battle her way to freedom in a corrupt kingdom where magic has been outlawed. Please describe your writing environment. Well, I have a home...

Magical Scratch

These books are marketed towards children, but we found this fun as adults. You get to make your own art with this new scratch medium.

Basic - Copic Markers 24 Piece Sketch Set Basic - Copic Markers 24 Piece Sketch Set
Draw and Color the Baylee Jae Way Draw and Color the Baylee Jae Way
Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad, A3, 50 Sheets Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad, A3, 50 Sheets

Cheap tools VS High end tools

Sakuems shares her view on the tools of the art trade.

Baylee Jae - Copic Marker Illustration

Baylee Jae creates a super cute illustration and colors it with Copic Markers.